The administration of food and beverage costing software costs is quite interesting and someone who has performed these tasks becomes an expert in almost immediate price calculations, it does not matter that it is not just food and beverages, since formulas or concepts can be easily applicable in other areas, and so be able to quote sales as soon as possible ..

However, during a food and beverage operation the problem may arise that even though their sales have been higher, in the end … the operation did not generate the expected profits and could even cause losses, and then the questions will begin that was what caused such low results.

And let’s see ,,, although in some occasions the problem is due to a single failure, the reality is that those bad results could be caused by several errors that can start from the moment of designing the letter, and can not simply be attributed to a lot or shrinkage, which although they influence, do not have the scope to significantly impact a high cost of food and beverages.

Equally the commercialization can not have great impact, because for that then one assumes that a recipe was costing and it arrived at a sale price … unless, that it has sold to volume with prices inferior to the letter .. and then if the impact can be large … and the one that is not involved in costs or administration of food and beverages, you can say that if it is sold in volume it generates profit and could be right … nevertheless .. there are limits that if they are exceeded, they will generate losses, hence the importance of knowing the structure of the sale price (COSTS, EXPENSES, UTILITY)

And although there may be several reasons, the most logical thing is that we follow the flow of operation, administration and marketing that were previously established to open one or several areas of food and beverages .. that is, it is assumed that operational and administrative procedures were designed , as well as policies of all kinds for the proper development of the company, … so we … should focus on reviewing: purchases, receiving goods, storage, preparation in kitchens or bars, the porcionamiento, surtimiento de dishes and drinks and prices thereof, in addition to administrative and operational controls that were designed for staff and thus avoid leaks due to mismanagement or negligence at work.

But … as it would be quite extensive to deal with each one of those topics and surely it would be enough to write a book since in each case there are many variants, let’s go with practical questions and to the bottom of the issues, … to be able to detect more quickly where the failures that caused the crisis in food and beverage costs.


This means that your recipe books must have the current purchase prices, not the ones you have calculated at the beginning … and in that same format you must have the sale price … which if your administration decides, you must add the operating expenses, your expected utility and the corresponding tax .. this amount could be compared immediately against what you have in your letter, dish per dish or drink per drink. to see if that is causing its failure ..

I suggest that before doing the above, ask your purchasing department to make a comparison of purchase prices of the past months., By product .. In this way you can see if there are increases from one month to another in their inputs and in what percentage, it may be that your suppliers have increased prices without notifying you … what the most expensive product would do, but when you did not realize it, you did not reflect them in your letter and therefore, although you had sales, the production of each saucer turned out to be more expensive than expected. (eye! In an inflationary economy it is advisable to check and update prices every month, although it will always be very important that you do a market study and compare your prices against those of your competitors, in this way you will not run out of customers. but also avoid his loss …


In this way you can immediately see the purchase quantities you are making and the percentage that each group has in relation to the total of your purchases, you might be surprised that your purchases for fruits and vegetables (for example ) are superior even to the purchases of raw material (meats and others.) which would indicate an imbalance in the production in kitchen and that at the same time can be caused by a poorly designed recipe.


Surely you have a daily cost control and in its format will take the outputs of warehouse and sales accumulated to the month and others, .. that will give you their amounts and percentages of cost of the day and month, and which is very successful Check daily to avoid surprises at the end of the month. but … it would be more successful if you have a report of your purchases and compare them against your sales, take the corresponding percentage and see if you are not buying more than what you sell ,,, and although you might think that as long as you do not leave The cost will not affect you, the truth is that this routine is creating the right conditions for you to cause losses due to misuse or because the expiration dates are met and you have to make decisions that affect your performance. ,



Once you make sure that your purchase prices are up-to-date in your cookbooks and reflected in your letter according to the percentages you expect to operate, it is time to check if the administrative controls that were designed for the operation are being carried out. And so avoid leaks, mainly in the application process, supply and collection … so you could look at the following points:

* All the orders that arrive to the kitchen and bar, are physically supported by a command or digital via?

* All consumptions that are supplied to the staff are recorded as sale, courtesy, home use and other consumption? Are they registered in your box system?

* Are checks or orders in the kitchen randomly compared to checks? Are there no cancellations or unauthorized discounts in your cashier system?

* In the case of the bar, drinks are served according to measures (jigger) or are the eye of the good cubero ??

* In the case of kitchen, the portions are served according to the grammage defined in the recipe book?

* No higher-cost products are being used to serve lower-priced drinks or dishes (example: stocking steak tacos, but using arrachera, sourcing superior brand tequila, but charging as house tequila and others)

* When serving the dishes, are you using the raw materials specified in your recipe book? Or were changed without having analyzed their impact on the cost and sale price ?, are not included in the dishes, supplements or garnishes not considered in the cost of the recipe book?

* In case any client requests extra portions of side dishes, are they charged? Are they registered as sale or as courtesies?

* Are performance tests of meats and other products done? How often?


If you already checked that your purchase prices are updated in your recipe book and likewise verify that your administrative controls are being applied in the operation, check the following:

* When the goods ordered arrive, are products checked against invoice? Are weights or quantity of items compared to invoice? Are products weighed and compared against invoice?

* Is the packaging considered in the weight? Or is it weighed separately? If it is a frozen product, is the weight of the freeze considered or is it already agreed with the supplier?

* If the purchase is by pieces, is it checked according to what is specified in the purchase order?

At the time of receipt of merchandise or product, it is ensured that there are more than two people in that process? Are invoices or receipts signed and sealed after receipt of payment? How do you ensure that the product you are actually charging to the business?

In the case of purchases, is it ensured that the purchase prices agreed with the suppliers are the same as those that are charged on the invoice or is it more?

Are you sure you have at least three quotes from suppliers and compare prices?

Looking to consume products from the station in order not to buy the ones that are more expensive?

Does your accounts payable department make sure to check merchandise receipt notes against invoice? No variations in weight, quantities, units or prices?

There are many more details to review to detect possible failures, although the mentioned ones are something important and can give you an almost immediate clue as to what is happening.

Waste, due to inadequate handling of products, storage failures, failures in the conditions that the areas must have to preserve the products, expiration dates expired or due, not detected at the time of receipt of the goods, inventories poorly taken or registered both initially and at the end of the period, as well as excess kitchen production, lack of production planning, lack of allocation of areas for kitchen production, lack of administrative controls in the employee dining room, lack of design or menu for employees, failure to verify the receipt of merchandise by the store to the departments, waste raw material and accessories for lack of supervision, as well as complicities between staff and suppliers ,,and management of production in buffets in independent operations or in hotels operating in an all-inclusive program, the lack of registration of transfers between kitchens and bars, the null control of the production and supply of alternate stoves, the recycling of products and volume purchases, they are more than important issues that deserve to be dealt with more broadly but at the beginning it would be wise to verify how your operation is doing in this regard.


1.-If you operate a hotel with hybrid operation (all inclusive and European plan) I suggest that you have a cost control separately in those units that do not participate in the all-inclusive program, in order to identify which area has deviations in your monthly results (although logically you should reflect your costs in a consolidated company)

2.-If you run a hotel with an all-inclusive program, thoroughly analyze the design of its menus of specialty restaurants and buffets, seeking to find the balance between cost, quality, quantity and variety, stopping in everything that includes garrisons (a high-cost garrison may ultimately impact your financial performance.)

3.-If you have room service, do not take it lightly considering having a compact menu (if you operate an all-inclusive or even if it offers buffet service) and that is according to the service schedule, otherwise you will have everyone breakfast in the rooms or at different times and will cause bottlenecks in your operation, besides impacting on your costs, not being able to calculate how many clients will stay in the rooms and how many will attend the restaurants, which will provoke losses

For those independent operations or those who seek the sale and improve their income, it is advisable to reengineer the menus … based mainly on: the performance and popularity of dishes , remembering the following:

a) .- A dish is of high performance or low yield, if it is higher or lower than the average profitability obtained by the sale of all the dishes.

b) .- A dish has high or low popularity if the percentage of dishes sold of each, is higher or lower than the average of dishes offered.

Likewise, and based on the results of these analyzes it will be convenient to check if the position of your dishes in the menu should be changed looking for them to be at the sight of your customers, or seek to improve the color.

Delta unveils new uniforms designed

Uniforms for Delta employees with no direct customer contact were designed by Land’s End clothing brand, with Posen’s assistance in color design and selection. The partnership for production and design between Delta and Land’s End was announced last week.

“The best people in the world deserve the best uniforms. This new collection draws both its inspiration from the old, but is also more modern, “says Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta. “Zac and the Delta team have worked hard with our employees to create stylish, timeless garments that reflect Delta’s innovative and thoughtful approach. ”

Posen worked directly with Delta employees from each group to prepare the collection and provide a functional uniform tailored to each type of employee and the environments in which they work. The design and choice of each element of the final uniform was influenced by the demands of the employees.

“We wanted Delta employees to be stylish in the workplace, but not at the expense of functionality and style,” says Posen. “By talking with employees to better understand how their clothes work, I was able to design a powerful and interesting uniform, the goal being for Delta employees to return the image of trust and intelligence that characterizes the company. Aerial. ”

“We quickly realized that Zac’s innovative approach to design, passion and personal investment would create a uniform for our employees that Delta could really stand out from,” says Bastian.

Posen’s creations offer new color blends to employees, allowing them to wear “Prune Passport”, “Cardinal Cruise Red” and “Piste Graphite”, with some “Slate Skyscraper” and “Thistle” keys. to present a consistent uniform for customer relations and technical work.

There are many subtle details such as a one-of-a-kind collar on women’s “Chardon de Voyage” blouses and the deltanet logo, nicknamed the “widget”, on all the uniforms in the collection. And for employees who do not have direct contact with customers, reflective “widgets” are embroidered on their outerwear designed to be highly visible.

For flight attendants and customer service, various accessories have been planned, such as a “Prune Passport” V-neck dress, a peplum sweater, a “wrap dress”, an ottoman skirt suit and a swing jacket. . For men, a three-piece suit “Graphite Track”, a sweater neck “Prune Passport” and a tie pattern “widget”, among others. Technical employees working on airport ramps or in Delta’s Technical Operations Division will receive a mid-layer sweater, a three-in-one ANSI jacket, and a quick-drying polo shirt.

Posen, known for his achievements in the world of fashion and sewing, used the latest technologies of fabric and textile to design clothes that can withstand the hectic life of airports and airplanes.

“The Delta staff will be wearing this collection for years to come. So everything had to be perfect. It must be timeless and symbolize the unique identity and strength of our society. Zac took the challenge, and it’s a dazzling success, “said Elaine Casanova, 42, who works as a flight attendant in Minneapolis.

Chad Holmes, un agent de piste de Salt Lake City et membre de l’équipe en charge de l’uniforme des différentes divisions, revient sur la nature collaborative du projet : « Le comité pour l’uniforme des employés a participé à chaque étape de la création, en écoutant les opinions de nos collègues grâce aux stages d’accompagnement et aux groupes de discussion. Il était impressionnant et enrichissant de voir la manière dont les commentaires ont été pris en compte et ont permis la création de cette nouvelle collection d’uniformes, jusqu’aux moindres détails. »

Starting in December and beginning of 2017, a team of 1,000 employee representatives will wear these uniforms on a trial basis. Their returns will provide the necessary adjustments and modifications to distribute these uniforms to all Delta employees during the first quarter of 2018.

A photobooth for a funny and friendly wedding animation

Looking for entertainment that will bring all your guests together for a great moment of laughter and relaxation? Do not hesitate any more: choose the photo terminal!

At the time of instantaneity and sharing, fashion is at the photobooth! Difficult to do without this accessory, now become one of the centerpieces of the wedding animation .

The sydney photo booth, or photo terminal, is a device allowing your guests to take pictures, alone or in groups, most often equipped with accessories. Beyond the clichés of a professional photographer, this attraction makes it possible to obtain humorous shots perfectly unique .

This accessory also makes a stone two strokes. Indeed, it serves both animated and endiable while allowing you to offer gifts souvenirs to your guests.


The photo terminals are usually equipped with a printing system allowing to obtain directly the photos freshly realized. Also, your guests will be able to leave, their photographic feat in hand!

This is the case of La Tronche Box , a company that offers unlimited photos and impressions in just seconds ! Because they know just how unique your wedding day is in your life, the Tronche Box owners will even allow you to personalize your photo box! You can adapt it to the theme and colors of your reception.

As a complete service, La Tronche Box, they are also packs of disguises and other accessories in order to give an always more original touch to your photo shoot.

The plus of La Tronche Box is certainly to allow you to fully enjoy their service with the Plug and Playformula , for studio quality photo shoots and high-tech equipment throughout your wedding weekend.


And because words often say much longer than a photo, La Tronche Box even offers a video service , for ever more funny and moving memories of this day so rich in emotions.

If you still doubt the ideal animation for your wedding day, here you are reassured. The photobooth is aperfect solution!

Does the landlord want to charge you for cleaning the apartment without the Photo receipt delivery?

Moving, when the rental of the house ends , can be stressful and complicated, especially if we treat ourselves, select useless things, pack utensils and clothing in boxes, move furniture here, or manage moving equipment. In short, a long etcetera of tasks to try to leave the house on the established date and move everything to the new home.

If you received the floor cleaned, you must return it in the same state or pay the cost of the service.

Obviously, with the rush, there are situations that nobody wants to suffer, but that happens too often: the lessee wants to deduct from the bond the damages and final cleaning . And worse, he wants to charge the cleaning and discount the arrangement of the blind, without providing any receipt.

The bond is to be liable for damage or repairs to be made to the apartment to return it to the original condition after the contract has ended .

To avoid misunderstandings, not only must initially prove the state of cleanliness and conservation of the home (make photos or videos), but also, to accredit the final delivery of the house once the rental contract is completed.

It is necessary to differentiate between wear by normal use of elements of the dwelling, of damages due to improper use.

An alternative used by many families is to request the services of a handyman at home to solve any defects that may have caused during their stay.

It is not cleaned the same when entering a house, that when it is abandoned

To avoid problems with cleaning, especially when we do not have enough time, we must hire the services of a End of tenancy cleaning melbourne company specializing in general cleanings of end of rental , or simply, at the end of the reform of housing.

Cleaning company specializing in cleanings for rental

In addition, the company will credit through an invoice, the service that has been done to return the house to the original state of cleanliness in which it was delivered.

The best brands of women’s sexy lingerie designs

Women come to give as much importance to their clothes of underwear as to clothes of walking in the street. They are passionate about the lingerie, of which, as well as the outer clothes, fashion shows are also made. We present the most popular brands that are within the possibilities of the majority, although there are other lines created by some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world whose prices are almost prohibitive.

El Secreto de Victoria

It is the brand of lingerie par excellence, known all over the world. Founded in 1977 in California, she designs luxury women’s lingerie and swimsuits or sleepwear and permfumes. Their prices are those of a luxury brand, although it also has an infinite variety of affordable styles while maintaining its quality.


Italian brand of fine lingerie and sleepwear at affordable prices. Its style is suitable for all ages, from simple garments for very young adolescents to more adult ones. It has more than 1000 stores in more than 20 countries.


Etam is a French brand with very attractive designs, both underwear, sleepwear, socks, and accessories. The first Etam store opened in 1916 and the first franchise in 1925. Today there are 4,200 franchises in 29 countries.

Huit 8

With contemporary and innovative designs, cutting-edge nature, Huit was acquired by Wacoal EVEDEN in 2010. With a French touch and Parisian style through luxurious fabrics, exotic colors and intricate details through their underwear and bathroom collections.


Oysho is a brand of the Inditex Group created in 2001 and currently has more than 500 stores worldwide. Every year several collections of good quality are presented, and at an affordable price. online offers lingerie, lingerie, sportswear, pajamas and swimwear.


In the 1930s, Triumph became the largest corsetry producer in Europe. Today, 1,650 Triumph stores from around the world. The Luxury Collection, launched in 2011, represents a new definition of remarkable design, luxurious materials and a perfect fit.


Spanish brand, Selene was born in 1975 specialized in women’s underwear. With more than 35 years of experience, it is today the first national brand in terms of turnover, due in large part to the combination of avant-garde designs, with the best quality and comfort at a very competitive price.

Lise Charmel

Born in Lyon, capital of the headquarters, the brand enjoys a great international reputation for the creation of models and its color of enormous beauty in satin, silk, guipur and lace of Calais. Imbued with the spirit of haute couture, LISE CHARMEL has become, in the whole world, synonymous with luxury French lingerie.

Dear Cuore

Empresa Argentina in the creation and design of lingerie for a demanding public, with more than 40 years of experience has more than 500 points of sale spread around the world. One of the pillars on which it teaches supports its differentiation is in fomenting an image of distinction; An image constituted by the models of greater prestige at international level

Locksmith Design and Sketch

Good quality listening is essential for a metal. He will use it to understand the client’s project. He will have to identify the qualitative and quantitative objectives in a single meeting during which he will be able to discuss and identify all the details of his performance. The locksmith preston will take the opportunity to explain the continuation of the collaboration. He will explain the steps he will take. This will begin with observations and measurements. Sometimes customers mistakenly attribute metalworkers to missions to other trades. The artisan will therefore clear the limits of his intervention. He will be able to specify the limits of his responsibility on the site. He will, for example, refrain from touching masonry or heating works.

Presentation of the quotation

The estimate takes into account the various elements commonly debated by the parties. The locksmith will then present an overall solution. In other words, the design and sketch meet the expectations of the customer. In addition to the price estimate, it will bother to specify the qualitative and quantitative specifications. It will specify, for example, the area obtained after the work. It will mention in the appendix whether the work entails changes in taxation. This will be the case when the development increases the living area under a ceiling height greater than or equal to 1.8 m. The organization of space is also the responsibility of the metalworker. The client expects to benefit from a tailor-made service. The professional will take them into consideration when designing. The visualization of colors and shapes leads the client to a projection in the new layout. It will be an indispensable support to fix the choices as much on the materials as on the products. Otherwise, the presentation will stipulate that the unexpected will be borne by the customer. An estimate constitutes a work of creation in its own right. The metalworker has the possibility to offer it for free or by paying. Sometimes, it uses 3D imaging technologies. The collaboration with a designer, or even a design office specialized in metalwork will mark his professionalism. The presentation will stipulate that the unexpected will be borne by the customer. An estimate constitutes a work of creation in its own right. The metalworker has the possibility to offer it for free or by paying. Sometimes, it uses 3D imaging technologies. The collaboration with a designer, or even a design office specialized in metalwork will mark his professionalism. The presentation will stipulate that the unexpected will be borne by the customer. An estimate constitutes a work of creation in its own right. The metalworker has the possibility to offer it for free or by paying. Sometimes, it uses 3D imaging technologies. The collaboration with a designer, or even a design office specialized in metalwork will mark his professionalism.

Document understood by the client

As a specialist, the metalworker is obliged to put paperwork or digital documents on the project. They will later constitute the guarantee that the customer has made his choices with full knowledge of the facts. It is customary to present a project with a scale of 1 / 100th. Each centimeter on paper represents 1 meter on the real. Plans will change perspectives for better understanding. Otherwise, the design includes an illustration of the building on several possible sides. The main façade after the works will be faithfully represented. Otherwise, summary descriptions of the project followed by a simple sketch may suffice. The estimate will allow the customer to adjust its budget accordingly. Normally, both parties have the freedom to discuss the price.

Design dogs: artificially created breeds

Man’s eagerness to manipulate life in all its forms seems endless. Now also has been created what are known as design dogs, just to make them look prettier. It is a widespread fashion in the United States and England that is also landing in Spain.

The crossing of dogs has been taking place for some time, with the aim of obtaining animals more suitable for certain purposes such as hunting, monitoring or grazing.But in recent years it has also sought to obtain, in addition, certain colors and forms characteristic of each race. Thus we arrive at the point of “designing” animals with a mere aesthetic purpose .

This fact, without spinning too thin, we can match it with the fashion boom of clothes and accessories for pets, which is renewed every season . This reinforces the trend of a world dominating image and consumption.

These are copies that usually cost between 600 and 800 euros. Although everyone spends his money as he wants, with so many cute little dogs waiting to be adopted in the different protectors, the question arises: with what need?

For and Against Design Dogs

These new breeds artificially created already surpass 400 , a number superior to the traditional ones. Of course, they have their supporters and detractors.

The former assert that dogs of hybrid breeds are healthier than purebred dogs and tend to live longer.

The latter, in addition to ethical questions of rigor, assert that many of these dogs often suffer from different congenital diseases, such as blindness or defects in their bone structure.

The crossing of dogs has been carried out for some time, with the aim of obtaining animals more suitable for certain purposes. But now they are also “designed” songs with a mere aesthetic purpose.

Characteristics of some hybrid breeds

But what are the main design dogs offered by the pet market? Here are some of them:

Labradoodle or Labradiche

It came from a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the standard or miniature Poodle . Most are Labrador size, although they also exist in mini size. They are generally friendly dogs, very energetic, suitable for coexistence with children and who maintain the taste for the water of their parents. In addition, they are animals prone to hip dysplasia and vision problems.


They are the result of mixing a Siberian Husky with a Pomerani a . Thus they were obtained beautiful dogs of dense and semilargo coat and, generally, of small size: they weigh between 8 and 15 kilos. They are friendly and playful. They can cost about 2000 euros.


Author: wombatarama

Author: wombatarama

Born of the cross between the Pug and the Beagle , they are brown and black, although they may have other colors, according to the genetic characteristics of their parents. Quiet in character, Puggles need to constantly interact with their owners and are ideal for families with children and who own other pets. They usually weigh between 7 and 14 kilos and present eye problems, hip dysplasia and even epilepsy.


In this case, a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle was mixed . In this way, dogs with wavy hair were obtained, having a height of between 30 and 50 centimeters. Cockapoo are very clever, kind and loyal animals, although their character varies as one race dominates over the other . They may suffer dislocation of patella and have problems of vision. In addition, they tend to have infections in their ears.

No dog is an object

Beyond the fact that dogs are of traditional, design or mestizo races, there is no doubt that everyone should be loved and cared for equally.

If you choose a pet only for how beautiful it is or to show off with it before your friends, remember that it is not an object that is used and pulled when you get bored or changed according to the designs of fashion.

It is a living being that makes you responsible. Do not forget.

Espresso machine laboratory. Design scientist coffee time

I love everything related to the world of design, but also the object has to do with cooking, food and gastronomy, I doubly appreciate. That’s why when I found this amazing espresso machine laboratory I have not been able to resist mostrárosla guys could also enjoy it. Full of tubes, bottles and meters, this coffee with imagination takes you immediately to a laboratory, yet its only mission is to prepare a simple cup of espresso.

Created by Israeli designers David Schlessinger Budzik and Adi was conceived for a perfectly synchronized manner develop an exclusive espresso, check it here, so that all mechanisms work together to improve perfect results.

Espresso machine laboratory is ready to work with capsules for coffee if you’re a beginner, but I can not imagine buying a beginner this way, either with ground coffee if you consider more experienced. It composed of materials such as glass and polymers reinforced, particularly in combination with an aluminum frame.

But not only its aesthetic reminiscent of a laboratory instrument and that its operation is also based on famous physical laws such as the “Venturi effect” or of thermodynamics, and even drilling system of the capsules derive from the world of automatic weapons. The laboratory will express coffee coffee when a correct temperature and pressure, this parameter measured by an elegant classic style barometer is reached.

I can not indicate the price of this quirk of design, but I imagine it will be high so far, at least in my case, this device will not replace me and used coffee capsules.


By incorporating a carpet to a room, regardless of the design and dimensions, the change is noticeable and get yourself print warmth to the atmosphere. They are also perfect to introduce practical and almost immediate changes to the decor, but will need precise maintenance and care, so we will discuss the types of cleaning for this decorative accessory.


The carpet cleaning can be a heavy task but necessary for the proper conservation of the pieces. The truth is that there are several methods to perform carpet cleaning, and make it look shiny despite use over time.

Wet method .
It is a method that dispenses with the use of water, only includes special products in cleaning service prices, manufactured detergents and solvents that are distributed on the carpet and penetrate the tissues, and with the help of a special brush or sponge to rub pieces.

This procedure allows dirt containing the carpet is absorbed by the applied products, which can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.This way you avoid wetting the fabric , but requires several passes of vacuum for proper cleaning, and is ideal for cleaning Oriental carpets and those that could be affected color method.

Hot water method .
In this case the performed cleaning professionals, as prepared industrial machines applying high pressure with detergents, so that dirt adhering to the fibers required off easily. The next step is to vacuum that will eventually remove dirt and debris from applied products.

It is a cleaning system which is uneconomical , is not easy, and it must follow certain care not to damage or harm the fabric of the carpet, and this is done by professionals or specialists.

Aerosol method .
It is an effective system but demand for an important performance time is to apply a thin layer of carpet shampoo watering, and forming a foam is rubbed with a sponge or a wet cloth. Once dry the tissue, which depend on the dimensions and material of each carpet (approximately four hours), Vacuuming.

It is important not to overdo the spray application, as this would increase the drying time.

5 movies that every designer and creative must see

All designer or creative has the gift of having a taste for visual culture. Be aware that the designer is to be working within the branches of art, the need becomes even greater.

One of the many inspirations with which you can tell a designer or creative is the seventh art. As viewers looking for a visual stimulus by them, either for their art direction, costumes, script or photography .


Sometimes in constant films having a striking and original visual proposal seeking, it is not necessary to have the best script within the industry, if not unique.

A film serves as a reference to a designer , you can help you develop your eye for visual composition and aesthetics, and influence it for future projects.

Here is a list of  5 movies from watch movies online free that every designer and creative must see for its visual approach, his use of color , and composition.

For his handling color
These films stand out by using a color palette that highlights the eyes of all viewers. His images are clean and mixed with fonts and original music that inspire every designer.Among the colors that stand out in these films are the ochres, greens and reds.

1. Amelie (2001) Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunetamelie_9
2. The Fall (2006) Director: Tarsem Singhthefall_0704
3. Melancholia (2011) Director: Lars von Trierkirsten_dunst_in_melancholia
4. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Director: Wes AndersonMoonrise-Kingdom
5. The Shining (1980) Director: Stanley Kubricktwins-the-shining

You as a designer or creative, what would you add? Watch more at movie25.

How to build and design an electric and electronic lock?

Surely you to get to a bank, arriving at a mall, or visiting a business, often you notice that the doors open and close automatically, and also notice that sometimes we seem to be watching a science fiction movie because of all the technological innovations available to us and make our life more comfortable; Also, sometimes it seems that the future we have before our eyes, but have you ever wondered how these things work ?.

Undoubtedly the world is changing at breakneck speed, sometimes those changes orillan us to involve ourselves in a need . to know a little of everything anyone ever said, knowledge is power. No doubt it is necessary to know a little of everything, history teaches us many new things, and think that a few years ago we alumbrábamos with candles yet. Sometimes I try to imagine how were those times of old, sometimes I try to imagine a lunatic who, locked in his laboratory was trying to invent an incandescent lamp. Yes, we all know that at that time it wasunreasonable to think we could find a way to produce light, but today, Mr. Thomas Alva Edison is not a lunatic, is a great example to follow. I think it’s true what they say, as once put Marcelo Bielsa and Mark Twain: ” A man with a new idea is crazy . Until the idea succeeds”

It has come a long way in our time, but there is still Moreover, because until a few years ago we believed that from 2000 all be watching flying vehicles that would use space suits, we’d domestic robots, and other fantasies; perhaps we have not progressed as much as previously thought in the past years, but something that our ancestors dreamed, surely now we are living. On the other hand, also in our time we have to see the emancipation of women, are now a fundamental part of our society, working life, in science and technology, and are no longer simply a shadow over another man.
welcome are all women, in all areas of human knowledge!

After this preamble, I would like to talk about what are the electric and electronic locks. Surely you’re familiar with what is a lock, because that is the device by which any door closes and opens. I think that device is so common, that there are people who like to seize other people and knows how to force those locks, to open the door of a vehicle, a home, a safe, etc., simply they do to see what can be adueñar. However, it could also be the case that not all are familiar with these devices, so then I will show an image of what a lock, you can see more at

As may account, in the image above various types of locks are shown and that only typical door locks, inside a building is !. For design reasons and for reasons of safety concerns us all, in this blog we will just only show the outward appearance of a lock unanalyzed details, and give greater prominence to the locks that are in the category of which you can see to the bottom of the previous image. Now I invite you to dare to see the next video, if you have a little time:

Then now I will show the diagram of an electric lock:

As you can testify, designing an electronic lock is not rocket science, but it is important to have some device like these because they make our life more comfortable.

Then I will show a diagram of the design of an electronic lock:

It is also necessary to include the diagram of the control circuit of the solenoid:

BOM for the design of an electronic lock is as follows:

1 diode bridge
1 relay 12v
1 solenoid 11ov
1 NPN transistor BC548B
1 PNP BC548C
1 zener diode 5.6 va 1 watt
1 CI ADC0804 (analog converter to digital)
1 CI pic16f84a (microcontroller)
1 CI 74LS136 (Demultiplexer)
1 CI 74LS373 (8 Latch)
1 CI 74LS125 (buffer)
1 liquid crystal display 8 bits (LCD) (16×2)
1 matrix keyboard 4×4
1 sensor LM35 temperature
1 Push botton
2 presets 10k and 1k
1 ceramic capacitor 150 pF
1 pF ceramic capacitor 22
2 resistors (coal) 10K
5 resistors 1k
1 5.6K resistor
1 resistor 560 ohms
1 resistor (resistance) 100K
1 resistor 680k
2 diodes 1N4001
1 transformer 110 volts to 24 volts to 2A with center tap.

After getting a list of materials needed for the construction of this design, it is necessary to implement the power supply 5 volts through which the thermometer is energized. The design of this voltage source has already been presented in other publications of this blog and can be achieved through a zener diode 5.6 volts connected to a transistor emitter follower configuration.

Then instead of showing an excerpt from the program you should record the pic 16f84, the better I willput a link to download the full source program and assembly file with the HEX extension:

Finally, as if to get a better idea of what is to build an electronic lock, present the following video:

“Design” a malware

Creating all kinds of malware ( viruses, Trojans, backdoors, etc ) is one of the most interesting topics for people just venture into the world of computer security and it requires certifications for cyber security.

Perhaps, because it brings to the surface all our destructive personality, or because it becomes very exciting to know what techniques are used to create this type of software it is constantly evolving.

In this series of articles we will talk about creating small and malwares effective, leaving aside any other complicated and confusing technique.

Also we discuss what methods are most effective to prevent antimalware protection (commonly known as ‘antivirus’).

Test environment

The environment on which we will work (unless otherwise stated) is Windows XP Professional SP3. It is important to clarify this because, on different operating systems, could have different results.Many of which are discussed later.

For most of our tests, we will use the online “VirusTotal” (service ) that will allow us to quickly check our files created. This service uses about 40 different antivirus engines to analyze our files, and gives us a report of how much our products detect ‘exemplary’ as a threat.

According to its own website: “VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs facilitating the rapid detection of viruses, worms, Trojans and all types of malware.”

From the main website is posibe download a “uploader” that will give us the task of uploading files to seek verify.

For all tests below (unless otherwise indicated) has been disabled real – time protection antimalware software. That’s to avoid constantly being deleted files that we create.

First test: Tini Backdoor

Most likely, the most famous backdoor of all. Because of its simplicity and for being available for direct download. ( Http:// )

It is also available within the security ToolPack:

File upload ‘tini’ to VirusTotal, we can see that 39 of 42 antivirus engines have detected as ‘malware’ (92.85% Total dek).

Because of the way the antivirus engines used on VirusTotal work, it is possible that all three engines that have not detected a ‘tini’ in that environment itself are able to do in a normal environment (with software installed on a PC and analyzing real – time behavior backdoor)

One of the things we try to do through these articles is to seek the lowest percentage of possible detection.

If we run the ‘tini.exe’ software, we see that all it does is open the port 7777 and wait for someone connects through ‘telnet’ or similar tool as follows:

telnet 7777

Once this is done, we will have a command line on the infected system.

Because the operation of this software is so simple, we can use a hex editor to modify one of its parameters and ‘create’ a new malware.

Truly, the only thing we will do is change the port on which the backdoor expects to receive connections.

For this, we can use the ‘hexedit’ software (also included ToolPack) or any other hex editor.

After opening the file, we will look for the string ‘1E61′ (which is 7777 in hexadecimal number) and we will replace the string ’04c5’ (which is the number 1221 in hexadecimal)

That done, save the file and execute it to prove it . If all goes well, the software should work fine, but listening on TCP / 1221 port instead of TCP / 7777 port.
(To verify this, we can use the ‘netstat -an’ command)

Made this small change, we climbed the file to VirusTotal again and we see now is only detected by 32 of 42 engines! (76.19%). It is much change to have done so little !!!

That is one of the main problems of detecting malware through signatures. It is possible to get an antivirus can not recognize a file simply making some minor modification.

As explained above, it is possible that some of these engines are still able to detect the new version of ‘tini’ if they are installed on the workstation and with all enabled features, but this serves to give us an idea of how vulnerable they may be remove malware solutions.

What do you think of this hypnotic design isotype?

They presented in Argentina the logo of the Bicentennial of Independence on July 9, which is true. Raining criticism and memes.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.- The Government of Argentina presented the logo (actually it is an isotype) that will accompany the celebration of the 200th anniversary of independence. Reviews and months are trend on networks and check out to this the definition of hypnosis.

On the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Argentina , the Government introduced the isotype that will accompany the celebrations next Thursday July 9.

However, an image that could have gone almost unnoticed, became the center of attention for its hypnotic design. The logo was introduced in the first turn on Twitter, by the first Argentine president Mauricio Macri.

Ver imagen en Twitter

In networks, cockade criticism is obviously the concept of the logo are added. Especially what most people ask is “I return” to the sun in the center. It is that while the design contemplates the manner of a glow, many require the return of the classic yellow star.

Those in favor speak of minimalism, wit and visual appeal. Those who are against it , compare it to the logo with an amoeba or a fried egg with the yolk removed him from the center.

Of course, there memes and the theme is trend in Argentina. You can check out this website to know more about hypnosis and how it controls people’s mind and get over from depression and stress.

Designing an ecological house

If you’ve decided where you will live, you have located (or purchased) land to build an ecological house, and you have an architect, it’s time to start designing!

What is the difference between designing an ecological house and a conventional home?

Well, technically the process is quite similar, however, the design of an ecological house requires a much more thorough study of the terrain and environmental characteristics of the site (incidence of sun, vegetation, cool breezes for ventilation, etc.) and as a study of the possible natural building systems. Although a house of concrete or brick can be green in some respects, there are much more environmentally friendly and healthy natural materials such as wood, earth and straw. It will be necessary to assess our requirements with the architect and reach an agreement.


If you are thinking of building an ecological house of wood, straw or ground, it is advisable to seek an expert architect in green building, Myrtle beach home builders is highly recommended.

Anyway, as I said there is a technical process to follow which I detail below:

Steps to design an ecological house:


STEP 1: Ground Survey

In this step we assume you have already purchased a suitable land to build an ecological house following the criteria described on page purchase a land in which case you will have taken into account the most important issues when buying land.

Keep in mind that the first field visit is usually done with the architect, usually before signing the contract, it is also advisable to visit the land with our architect even before he bought the land because in this way the architect us you can help evaluate the purchase decision.

In any case, once you have the land and the architect will be time to visit the field to get down to work.

The first step to start the architectural project will carry out a geotechnical study will give us information on the type of terrain. In addition there are a number of factors that will influence the proper functioning of our ecological house. The list is detailed on pagebuy land to build an ecological house .

For our ecological house make the most of natural resources is important that our architect takes into account all these factors and the climate. The first field visit with the architect is an opportunity to assess whether our goals are aligned with the architect’s ideas.


Study the microclimate of the area, check local weather websites and ask neighbors and elderly people in the area on floods, rainfall, etc.

STEP 2: Conceptual designs or blueprint

The draft design stage is the most creative stage for the design of a green home, is when the architect must tidying all customer needs and that these are consistent with an efficient building system that maximizes natural resources through passive systems energy harvesting.

During this phase working with freehand drawings, diagrams and even simple 3D visualizations. It is important during this phase remains defined the main distribution, constructive system and the energy system because once the final design process starts all changes can result in delays. It may be the case even our architect set a maximum number of changes without cost from the approval of the conceptual design.


You should reach this stage with a clear list of needs and design requirements and ecological criteria to guide your architect. If you have not yet made, review the steps 7,8 and 9 of section decides where you will live .

Conceptual designs should consider building systems but be flexible enough to accommodate different energy systems. The selection of materials with high or low thermal inertia and right combination on walls, ceilings and floors for efficient thermal comfort vary greatly depending on other decisions as the amount of glass openings and energy systems.

For this reason, in this step, receive advice from an expert in bioclimatic design can be helpful because in this moment the design is flexible, you can define the basis for a high level of energy efficiency.

STEP 3: Development of final design

The design of an ecological house will be a long process of back and forth with the architect in order to reach the project that best suits your needs ecological house.

The architect begins with a preliminary lace that includes the distribution of the rooms and main rooms, location of access, doors and windows as well as some sketches overall picture of housing and its location in relation to the ground.

During this phase it will be important also provide a basis in relation to the selection of construction system and materials. It’s time to start valuing the interior finishes and if they are consistent with the construction system that is being proposed.

What size should have a green home?

Remember that the cost of an ecological or not home, depends on a price per square meter built, for this reason, the larger housing, the higher the cost of overall construction but also higher maintenance costs and heating or cooling.

During the draft, when we will see the distribution and size of the rooms, it is ideal to reconsider whether we really need so much space or if instead we can reduce meter and invest the remaining money on improving energy efficiency systems to save time more forward.

Reduce some meters from each of the rooms can save enough money to pay double glazing improving housing insulation or to pay a photovoltaic system.


The bigger your house, the greater the costs of construction and

Once we are clear about the general concept of our new home, it will be time to go into detail. During this process, the architect will work on the basic and executive project of our housing and with the clear objective of defining how it is to be built. Often from acceptance of preliminary design, subsequent design changes overcharged be considered, since a change in the phase of detail can lead to a lot of hours of work to the design team.

An advice….

During the draft, measure furniture that you intend to use your new (new and existing) home as beds, sofas, tables, etc and ask your architect to draw them to scale on the ground, this way you can view as your family will use the new spaces and you can identify problems as they can be oversized spaces or complex circulations.

During the definition phase the basic and executive project, our architect will work on defining the following:

The good performance of the design process will be a key to a sustainable and healthy housing factor.

The last phase of the design process includes specifying in detail the materials and construction systems, which is called measurements and serve to request a quote the builder, as well as the generation of the necessary documentation to meet legal requirements regarding sustainability, fire protection and others.

Once our architect has all the documentation and it has been reviewed and approved by the customer, the architectural project is ready to move the legal procedures and begin construction.

STEP 4 visa association of architects

Before applying for a building permit to the local council, the architectural project must be validated by the Professional Association of Architects, which will check that our architect is enlisted as a professional and certify the viability of the project. This step usually does not last more than a week.

STEP 5 Town Hall building permit

The last step before you start building a green home is to obtain a building permit by the local council.

How long does the granting of a building permit?

Each municipality can vary slightly its regulations and therefore the term varies from one population to another, but if there are no setbacks (as errors in drafting the project that should be amended or building permits classified as heritage areas, for example) this process usually takes one to three months maximum, although some ayutamientos can set up a year of granting the building permit (especially in large cities)

Both the cost of the visa of the College of Architects and the Building Permit, are borne by the customer and are calculated based on the constructed meters, budget and location of housing.

Graphic Designer & DJ


A subject that has always interested me is that existing aesthetic relationship between music and design, something that surely will agree many of my fellow designers.

I also think that this relationship goes beyond simply sit and do work while listening to Spotify.

The musical language has been linked to the visual language forever. Music can easily associate any image through common forms of expression, such as color, texture, harmony or rhythm … and is because they are branches of the same tree.

Since music and design move my mountains, I could have devoted to designing album covers, for example. It has not happened, but being objective, the kind of work that performance is quite good and also the recording industry is not what it was.

Somehow I have compensated for being the DJ of the study (with help of dj hire melbourne). In fact, I put soundtrack to working hours and not on merit, it happens that I’m located near the string sound, that’s all.

Although I try to get it right (clicking complacent and harmless indie instead of amphetamine and stoner rock) are lloverme reviews my colleagues to put the almost inaudible volume. But because it can put on your headphones, and at some point of the day, listen to what they want. Meanwhile the background tune is still there, making mattress when a cold silence occurs.

I’m finishing my confidences, but not before apologizing to one of my colleagues (half joking, half serious) expected disertase on another subject in particular: know that I looong years as a designer, a fact that has attracted increasing attention intrigued by so much professional survival.

I can only tell you to be quiet, what would this world without designers? Moreover, the subject matter was too complicated and bit me funny.

20 movies that every designer and creative must see

There are various professions whose field of work requires the absorption of artistic and technical knowledge. The design focuses on achieving precisely create something useful creative, bold and unique way. It’s no surprise that there are many films that make the design an important part of the plot, or even documentaries focused entirely on the sample of what really is the design.

Fashion, graphic, industry; the designer can move between branches or focus on only one. Today, with specialized schools in each of the branches of design purist many people it becomes something and excludes those who are interested. But, like art, design is mutable and only need to create an exceptional discipline; although knowledge is never enough so here are a list of movies and documentaries that every designer should see. You can watch movies online free in High Definition on putlocker


Art & Copy – Doug Pray (2009)

Believe that creativity can solve anything is a strong statement, but in this documentary the idea of ​​how advertising is more than a machine bombing explained. While some belittle this profession, others put on a pedestal because of the strong impact it can have on society. This film is proof of what can be accomplished when good people really dedicated to this medium.

A scanner Darkly – Richard Linklater (2006)


The film director Boyhood portrays a society in which 20% of people are addicted to a new drug, test it only makes you hallucinate and you get addicted. Before this an undercover agent will have to infiltrate a group of traffickers and addicts. The film uses the technique of rotoscoping in which you draw on real images and digitized. This had already been used by Linklater in his philosophical tape Waking Life .

Design and Thinking – Mu – Ming Tsai (2012)

The twenty-first century can not stay with the ideas of the past to create. This documentary deals with a new method of creation. Empathy, defined, idea, prototype and test are the keywords. Creative genius is not born of romanticism, the creative is working hard and seeking solutions based on experience.

Spirited Away – Hayao Miyazaki (2001)


This film is the Oscar winner for best animated film and is considered the masterpiece of its director. Work scenarios and characterization of each character will make anyone fall in love with this endearing story. More than this tape, all of Miyazaki films deserve to be in this position because of its high and deep design.

Why Man Creates – Saul Bass (1968)


This Oscar-winning short was created in the turbulent and revolutionary era of the sixties. It is the legacy of half century in which creative ideas began to extend its influence over traditional jobs. The time when the industrial design, advertising and transformed the art.

Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson (2012)


As with Miyazaki, all tapes of this director can be displayed here. From the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox, due to their excellent work in Stop Motion or his latest blockbuster The Grand Budapest Hotel,  where the color palette is more exaggerated than ever. Wes Anderson tapes are a visual delight that will make everything set designer, art director, animator, filmmaker, designer and fall in love with the technical and creative work of these tapes.

The trilogy of design – Gary Hustwit (2007- 2011)

These tapes are great theoretical and creative works of independent court showing the importance of three issues concerning the design. The first tape Helvetica takes the most famous fountain in the world to enter the graphic design, Objectified talks about industrial design and Urbanized focuses on urban design, in megacities and more.

Waltz with Bashir – Ari Folman (2008)


Unlike A Scanner Darkly, this film does not use rotoscoping but the film works by mixing it with adobe Flash animation and traditional animation. It is not only a majestic visual representation that will inspire artists to create works how are you, but also open your eyes to the horrors of war.

PressPausePlay – David Dworsky / Victor Köhler


As we move more and more to a digital world, artistic creation is changing. Now anyone can access a camera and become a photographer, write and blog and be a writer, access an application and become a musician. It is not a statement attacking these people; Postmodernism has broken major stories and the truth is no longer unique, aesthetic and artistic value no longer depend on the critic of the most important magazine, if so many paradigms are allowed as stated this documentary, this is the best time in the to design and create history.

Vincent – Tim Burton (1982)


The early career of Burton show his genius beginning to germinate, this film not only closes the list also opens the career of the most eccentric Hollywood Director. Vincent His work shows the artist’s fascination with German expressionism. The shadows, the scenery which refers to Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and more are just one of the things that can be seen in the cut of a director who looks after both the design of its scenery as your script.


How to make a perfect design for a Youtube channel

In the article deals we’ll tell you how to make a banner design for the head of a Youtube channel and purchase youtube views so that fits perfectly to the different screen resolutions thanks to a template measures .

Formerly we saw how to create a YouTube channel and then we can see how to optimize SEO for our videos and channel .

In the present one we focus on the creation of a header which is basically the picture above showing the feed of the videos we go up the canal .

Most notable is that employ a single image that will be adjusted to different screen resolutions where our display channel .

These resolutions are or can be differentiated in the following: Desktop, TV, Android – iOS (smartphone) and tablets.

Thus we must adjust to certain measures to make the image look like we want wherever it is displayed and for that we will use a template .

On the other hand a suitable design allows us to raise the profile of our channel and so we use it in our favor.

One of the tasks that I have pending is to make the head of my channel, but things still life I have not gotten around to it.

Henceforth, once do I have to return to the post to update and thus show my design.

Anyway, I leave the link to my channel to which you can get by clicking here .

Use this opportunity to subscribe 😉

Returning to the subject.


We start from the idea that we should use a single image that will be displayed at different resolutions.

As we indicated from the guidelines size of Youtube own this image must have some measures 2560x1440px , which correspond to the width and height of the image.

Oh and it should not exceed the size of 2Mb .

For this we can use an image editor such as Gimp , already use it in another post to create a banner or Photoshop, to design our header image.

On second thought there is a better solution on these lines tell you.

This image size (2560x1440px) would completely if for example we enter the channel using a smart TV.

Now we are seeing high to low resolution size Youtube how headers are displayed .


In pc screens, according to the monitor resolution image will adapt based on the following measureswidth to 1546px and 2560px always mateniendo a high of 423px.

For different cases always centered on the monitor.

As proof you can visit the design of this channel by clicking here .

To test you must use a larger monitor and gradually reduce the size of the browser window so you can see how it will adjust the width of maintaining the same high.

The minimum width of 423px and 1546px is called Safety area .

If we design this area we ensure the play, ie that will look good on most resolutions .


In this device the width is slightly larger and passes 1855px, remaining high.

Similarly if we respect the security area will have a high percentage of it is displayed correctly on any tablet.


For smartphones with Android or iOS systems we maintain the security area to ensure it is properly displayed.


But to provide our design you can download by clicking here template that gives us the Youtube itself .

Once you download it there you will find both the PSD file as a file in .png format that can be opened directly with the image editor you prefer.

In both cases the overall dimensions are those for the maximum size of 2560x1440px.

The image will serve as the reference PSD to fit as your design .

Once you have created and uploaded to your channel (see it below) I would advise you to try to visualize it on every device you can to ensure it look ok.


We have created our head! 🙂

And now, how do I show in my channel?


You access your channel, and in the upper right, if you approach pointer pen that you must click shows in which you show the options shown in the following image:

You must press the option Edit channel header and immediately the option Upload picture Mostara .

Explore disk and select the image you’ve created your design, remember that there is a maximum size of 2Mb.

Once uploaded the image displayed as displayed on different devices as you can see below.

At this point you also have the option to adjust the image trimming or leave default automatic adjustment.

If the image you have created has the dimensions of the template will be set correctly, so it would not have to make any cuts.

On the other hand if you’ve uploaded a much larger image you can manually adjust the cropping and leaves you the option to preview how it will look on different devices before confirming the cut.

As you see the image loading is very simple.


As you’ve seen create a header for Youtube is the easiest and what needs to be clear it is that a single image serves to all the screen resolutions.

Once you based on the template you can simply adjust the pattern to Safety area (which is what you will see in most screens) and then go to expand the design for larger devices, such as the case of connected TV to Internet.

I hope to be helpful and are free to leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Design of a nutrition plan to gain muscle mass

This article is about the physiological aspects that underlie the calculations employing sports nutritionists to maximize muscle mass. Most of the people who spend their time on a regular basis to the weights, at any given time, there are ‘upload’ weight. But how is it done through diet? What are the limits on the scale to grow ‘clean’? There are various ways to address the issue?

All these questions answered is by reference to a chapter on sports diets, in the book BODY TRANSFORMATION FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE FORCE of Christian Thibaudeau and Anthony Roberts.


Dieta-para-ganar-masa-muscularBefore going into details about the type of calories that suit us, we might begin by determine what quantity is needed to synthesize maximum muscle in an optimal way. Accounts to find the amount of calories needed per day not only has to take into account the values of energy intake of macronutrients. Because just like when built a House, in addition to paying the materials, we also need to cover the cost of labor. I.e., although the body has the nutrients in adequate amounts, the work of protein synthesis is not free for the organism. For each gram of protein synthesized in muscle again woven form are necessary around 220 additional Kcal: this is a cost we have to pay if we want the body to put hands to work.

Taking into account that a pound of muscle (0,455 kg) is achieved with 100 g of protein synthesized, to earn that amount of muscle mass in a month would be necessary a surplus of 22.000 Kcal above the needs of maintenance (what comes to be a surplus of 733,3 Kcal / day).

Something to keep in mind for those who claim to ‘upload’ without paying the extra cost of labor. To gain muscle mass should cause a caloric surplus in the organism.


‘Natural’ ability (without chemical AIDS: steroids, insulin, GH,…) etc) to synthesize ‘dry’ muscle tissue (not the fat we are interested in) is on average between 0.45 kg – 0. 9 kg / month (110 g – 225 g / week). Then, if we are to rise 0.45 kg a month would we’re gaining muscle mass in an optimal way?. Probably not.

kai comiendoCertain amounts of muscle gains do not translate in the scale with a rise in those same amounts by weight. Because that muscle will retain water inside to store glycogen (per 100 g of muscle are retained between 15-40 g extra glycogen + water depending on whether the muscle is trained or not). Therefore, the rise in weight has to be necessarily greater. If we gain 4.5 kg of muscle trained in 10 months (0.45 kg / month), will not be 4.5 kg more climbing ‘dry’; but 6.3 kg also counting the weight of the glycogen that will contain the new muscle mass.

Redoing the calculations as told so far, the increase of ‘weight’ maximum climbing ‘dry’, without chemical AIDS and with muscles personal training gym NYC (and glycogen-laden) would be established between 630g – 1kg 250 g / month (154g – 315 g week) provided that respect a caloric surplus (above the needs of maintenance of 733 Kcal – 1450 Kcal / day.) The anabolic that exists is the food and the most direct way to limit muscle growth is infraalimentarse.

Following the analogy above proposed construction, proteins would be ‘bricks’ to build the muscle structure and carbohydrates and fats would be the energy ‘salary’ to pay for labor. With chemical AIDS such as those that employ many professional bodybuilding, we are giving workers working on muscle building instruction to do so ‘piecework’ and will be built much faster (as if once per metre instead of for finished work, to be clear). Why estes athletes are able to afford (even quite necessary) eat more. Increase the consumption of carbohydrates and fats, without monitor both the quality of the food, because in order to pay him the body working in this way it is required a lot of energy. On the contrary, for the majority of practitioners of weights (they are not eating hormonal chemical AIDS) makes no sense to eat more carbohydrates and fats than strictly necessary to cover the cost of the achievable maximum work. Cover surplus mentioned before is optimum.


The formula most used by nutritionists for the calculation of basal energy needs (energy that the body uses to keep their systems running on full rest) is the HARRIS-BENEDICT. However, this formula (which already takes into account factors such as age, sex, weight and size of the subjects), is not able to discriminate the enormous energy difference that exists between a body weight whose highest percentage match muscle with respect to another in which fat is to determine the increase in weight. The muscle is tissue ‘alive’ that it consumes energy and fat is just a repository of energy compressed into 9 Kcal / per gram. Two people from 100 kg to the same height and Constitution, one with 10% body fat and the other with a 25% fat what do you think that it will have a higher energy cost? Of course, that only has 10% of fat, a time that it understates the skeleton and of the viscera and body fluids to the remaining 90 kg, is there much muscle to feed…

For this reason, the original HARRIS BENEDICT formula has been modified so that also discriminated against with respect to the amount of fat-free weight.

MEN = 66 + (13.7 x weight ‘lean’) + (5 x height cm) – (6.8 x age)

WOMEN = 655 + (9.6 x weight ‘lean’) + (1.7 x height cm) – (4.7 x age)

To apply this formula before it is necessary to Calculate the % of body fat to subtract that amount of fat to weight. For example, in the subject of 80 kg with a 12% body fat, 9.6 kg would correspond to FAT (making a simple rule of three). It is the amount that must be subtracted to the total weight of the body: 80 kg – 9, 6 kg = 70.4 kg.

adelgazar-2Various techniques are used to find the amount of body fat in the body. The body fat and BIOIMPEDANCEare two very affordable and easy to do. The combination of both results can give a really rough measure of fat our body weight.

Imagine a man of 180 cm in height, 28 years old, 82 kg in weight and with a 12% body fat. Your weight without fat is 72,16 kg (performed the calculation).

66 + (13.7 x 72.16) + (5 x 180) – (6.8 x 28) =

66 + 988,59 + 900 – 190,4 =

= 1764,19 Kcal.

Are these calories that we need to keep us? Obviously not. These are the calories consumed in the ‘BASAL’ State, i.e., if we were in bed rest (for example, when we sleep). But, fortunately, we are moving and some more than others. So this caloric amount will be necessary to add also the number of calories that we use as energy for daily activities (which varies from other people). Not everyone plays the same physical activity in their work, or performs the same type of workout in the gym or outside it, are also everyday actions such as walking or perform several tasks… all sum.

As it would be very difficult (and rather ineffective) be determined in detail the cost of each activity during a day, to carry an estimate of the cost by activity have been established ‘categories’ of activity and a system of factors has been designed to apply to the basal energy cost that will result in a quite approximate figure of the energy expenditure of maintenance we are looking for. They are the factors of activity at following:




Very light activity


Work desk

Light activity


Work desk + light sports routine

Moderate activity


Physical work / / work desk + moderate sports routine

Heavy activity


Physical work + light sports routine

Work desk + hard sports routine

Extreme activity


Hard work + hard sports routine

In the case of our example subject, he works 8 hours a day sitting in an office and goes back to work by car. Elders makes a session of 45 minutes of weights from Monday to Friday and exits to run 30 minutes 3 times a week. We could consider it a moderate activity, so we will apply a 1.5 X factor.

If we multiply this factor x BASAL energy expenditure (1.5 x 1764,19 Kcal), the result will give us the energy expenditure of maintenance = 2646,28 Kcal.



These are the necessary calories to face the day, and also which will take as a reference to establish diet NORMOCALORICAS. But if we want to gain muscle or lose fat you should enter more calories to pay the body to synthesize new fabrics (high CALORIE DIETS) or enter fewer calories that the body is forced to use its reserves (low CALORIE DIETS).

The ideal to gain muscle mass would be to establish a hypothetical energy point of departure, taking into account anything seen so far. In our example the subject case should the 2.646, 28 Kcal maintenance, adding an extra 733 Kcal – 1450 Kcal to reach the listed limits of muscular mass without chemical AIDS hormonal building. From this reference, every 15 days could go by conducting studies of body composition to see if the weight gain is desired and, above all, if it corresponds to a gain of ‘lean’ mass (without FAT). As each body has different, at the end answers, everything is calibrated on the basis of trial / error.

However, also attempted to simplify the calculation by means of application of peacekeeping expenditure percentages that will give us some equally valid and approximate references to start testing our nutritional plan.


Maximum muscle growth moderate fat /Ganancia

125 130% maintenance

Muscle gain high / low fat gain

115 120% maintenance

Moderate muscle gain / no fat gain

105 110% maintenance

Low muscle gain / low fat loss

90 95% maintenance

Without muscle loss / moderate fat loss

80 85% maintenance

Low muscle loss / maximum fat loss

70 75% maintenance

It is not the place to expand on this article on the subject, but in view of the above table already a few deductions can be made. It is impossible to consider a diet to maximize muscle gains and losses of weight simultaneously.When we want to lose fat quickly we are going to sacrifice muscle and when we wish to gain muscle quickly will also gain some fat. Mixed nutritional approaches are ideal to remain stable or to make approaches to long term objectives, but if what we want is to ‘tackle’ toward the goals we know that what we are going to win on the one hand it will necessarily lose on the other.

In our example, at the moment case is set as target moderate without fat gain muscle gain. So your daily caloric intake would be set at a margin of a 105 – 110% of your cost of maintenance of 2.646,28 Kcal = i.e. 2778,59-2910,91 Kcal. (between 2,800 and 2,900 kcal to simplify.).



cachasBefore (when at the beginning of the article, we use the analogy of ‘construction’), already established a clear difference between proteins and carbohydrates / fats. These two are only (more or less available) energy to pay the energy cost of the activity (the body to operate and move and anabolic workers to build new tissue). However, the protein was considered as material (the same ‘ bricks’) that rises the body construction (are the raw material from which it is made and not a salary to pay for the body). So the first thing you must do to establish our nutritional plan is ensuring that we we have enough material to build from what would we have enough energy to pay if there is no enough bricks? The human body is a complex building daily suffering damage which must be repaired and ‘strengthen’ constantly. Without ‘bricks’, the workers would stand by lack of material and the building would come slowly down.

So, we will begin by establishing the amount of protein (in reality of amino acids, the true ‘bricks’) that are needed to build muscle mass.

The who (World Health Organization) established long ago a ratio of 0.8 g / kg body weight / day as the standard to establish the calculations. But if we suitably assimilated the concepts that we have been exposing up to this point, we will find that this figure does not even consider the origin of that body weight (and we already know that bricks are needed to repair and strengthen the muscle walls and not for fats). In addition, who established this figure by taking as a reference the ‘maintenance’ body (not the increase of muscle) in ‘sedentary’ people (not in people subjected to a severe muscle damage as athletes (especially practitioners of weights).

Thus, if we are to maximize the muscle tissue, to maintain a ‘stable’ rate of amino acids per day, you could manage periodically every 2-3 hours on a total daily protein servings more chord for bodybuilders:


MUSCLE gain phase – caloric excess

2.2 – 2.75 g / kg ‘clean’ weight / day

MAINTENANCE – adjusted calorie phase

2.2 – 2.75 g / kg ‘clean’ weight / day

FAT loss phase – calorie deficit

2.75 – 3.5 g / kg ‘clean’ weight / day

But taking into account that this calculation is performed on the body weight free of fat (i.e., the same that we used for the formula of the BASAL energy expenditure, before calculating the % of body fat). NOT about the weight body TOTAL that reflects the scale!

levrone1It is also important to note that these amounts are refer to the protein total, not to the references to the supplements exclusively. I.e., the figure refers to the proteins that come from the power + supplementation.

In the case of our example, that wants to gain muscle mass and has a free 72,16 kg grease weight would get 158,75 g – 198,44 g of protein daily. And, bearing in mind that each g of protein provides 4 Kcal, they would be 635-793, 76 Kcal total corresponding to proteins.

If our example subject to consume 198,44 g of protein, then we must subtract the 793,76 Kcal to the 2,900 Kcal we had established as the TOTAL CALORIC. What leaves us 2.106, 24 Kcal for carbohydrates and fats.

At this point, there is more than one approach that will be most efficient according to the objective to be achieved:

CARBO-dominant DIETS This type of approach are indicated in the phases of volume, to replenish muscle glycogen in times of high demands energy (extensive aerobic work), in people with very rapid metabolisms or people who pass through a pathological condition or recovery from injury or trauma (with very high power consumption). They are diets high in carbohydrates and low in fat. [70-80% HC – 30 GR – 20%] (we talked about always percentages with respect to the calorie total after subtracting the calories of proteins).

GRASA-DOMINANTES DIETS The diets of this style are the best results report when it comes to fat loss. They tend to provide less than 50 grams of HC a day.[HC 10-20% – GR 80-90%] (we talked about always percentages with respect to the calorie total after subtracting the calories of proteins).

EQUILIBRADAS-DISOCIADAS DIETS They are diets balanced in the sense that partitioned the macronutrients more equitably. [HC 50% – 50% GR]. They are typically used to keep within our weight and proper body composition or to get small ‘clean’ muscle mass gains. The difference with monodominantes diets is conversely should be avoided at all costs in the same meal!! the combination of nutrients which leads to the accumulation of fatty tissue. CARBS + fat are prohibited within the same meal (especially sugars high glycemic index that cause us insulin spikes). Separately, or in the other possible combinations (carbohydrates + protein, fat + protein) 3 macronutrients can be eaten without problem. The only requirement is that protein combinations + not to most consume carbohydrate 5 g of fat and protein combination + fat not eaten more than 5 g of carbohydrates.

Cyclic approaches In this approach each day or group of days will be programming with respect to the 3 previous approaches depending on the different needs of training, competition and recovery. The best option to maximize the gain of muscle mass is to combine days of equilibrada-disociada diet as a base with graso-dominante someday to go to maintain the fat % under control.

The design and development of intelligence

Humans are born with the potential marked by genetics; however, we now know that we can develop as many through certain stimuli, such as design.

The author Howard Gardner (1983), creator of the theory of multiple intelligences, defines intelligence as: «The ability to solve problems or create products that are valuable in one or more cultures». To define intelligence as an ability, Gardner has become a skill that can be developed. Although there is no denying the genetic component and social and cultural interaction, today we know that in addition to being born with potential marked precisely by Genetics, we can also develop many others from the environment, experiences, education, intelimax iq funciona, etc.

This puts us to think in agents or elements that allow us to develop these capabilities, and after much thinking it, you can reach the conclusion that the design is one of these. Even though it may seem pretentious, I dare say that you part of those intelligences that Gardner speaks, they are promoted and stimulate through design and its presence in the ongoing management of information and products involving culture and everyday life.

One of the eight types of intelligence of the above theory is just the Visual-spatial intelligence, that as well as allowing us to be able to perceive the reality, make mental reproductions of the same, recognize shapes and objects in different conditions and circumstances and relate them with basics such as lines, shapes and spaces, also allows us to nourish the memory and Association through the visual as well as enrich our experiences with the world and others from the plane of the image.

Coupled with this, and recognizing the importance of the development of these multiple intelligences Gardner model, is even products and «artifacts» made by designer allow you, through the graphical representation, metaforizar the world in our minds and develop aspects as important as the internal representation of reality, and even stimulate our imagination to construct different realities.

Biologically, the sense of sight is the first that takes place, and before they learn to speak and communicate in other ways, we learn to see and recognize individuals and the images. Therefore Visual messages are the first we learn to recognize and are those who come faster to our brain, even encouraging other types of intelligences such as emotional intelligence, the interpersonal and intrapersonal, the verbal and musical, because all of them require concerning Visual to achieve this.

Therefore today it has recognized, in almost all areas, the importance of the visual as a means to promote this and other intelligences. The use of media, technology and design with a high visual component, favor much the response of the learning of people with this kind of intelligence, because the contents are organized through images, forms, spatial contexts and elements as color, who organize and facilitate the assimilation and its development.

Design and graphic expression helps to have better reception of information and provide motivation for the general assimilation of the world and reality. We know clearly that learning and compression are provided if the information is accompanied by Visual elements that provide a higher level of communication and a way of more comprehensive interpretation.

Based on the above, I could dare to rethink commitment to design in the social agenda; Since graphic design responds to the needs of a society, it is everywhere, in everything we do, everything we see and everything else we buy; We can see it in everything that surrounds us. The image is inseparable from any civilization. From the oldest traces of humanity up to images conceived with virtual reality, deliver to our eyes precisely, i.e. symbolic objects that make us appropriating the world and stimulate our multiple intelligences.

When we see a simple image, we are actually seeing a representation of conditions and experiences that we want to communicate something. Within every mind which sees an image happens a whole complex system of assimilation, which is going to relate to all concepts and experiences that have been presented in the life of each individual to turn that image into one symbol (Beirut et al., 2001).2

When a designer creates an image, so in order to be able to connect this image to life, memory, experience, individuality and awareness of someone, in order to create a new concept in the Viewer, and thus convey a message which, in addition to being remembered, produce reaction expected in the Viewer. The image must be sufficiently strong and attractive for the audience which is directed, but above all, the message must be organized, so that it is clearly read and encoded in such a way that the image and the message will become a symbol.

In this way the designer not only can be considered an expert in Visual-spatial intelligence, but a professional who manages to perceive the world to then produce images in graphic terms and use them as a resource of interpretation of reality; then then, your mission lies in the construction of Visual messages with the purpose of «» positively affect the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of people. The designer is responsible for the creation of Visual elements to compose and recompose the everyday life, and contribute to the identification and the creation of other support actions to achieve the proposed objectives; in other words, this desired reality.

I therefore consider it necessary to stimulate the visual-spatial intelligence of our designers, especially addressing, in the first instance, all those who are committed to train professionals in this area, in order to develop to the highest level all intelligences, in order to re-conceive the profession at its highest social commitment and successfully integrate design products that improve the experience and life in society.